Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sleep the sleep of angels

We bought a mattress yesterday - a nice new organic latex, wool & cotton, no off-gassing mattress. The one we are on was a hand me down, and since we are de facto sleeping in a 'family bed', and all leaning into the sinkhole that is the middle of the bed each night, we decided it was time. And since we are all in there together, we wanted something as healthy & comfy as possible. Did you know that (at least our brand) of natural latex mattresses come with a 20 year warranty, and the expectation that they will last at least that long with no significant changes to the comfort & fit of the bed? I can't wait. I feel all giddy. Both Homestead Mama and I feel old each morning with the aches and pains. I have high hopes that we aren't, in fact, aging as fast as it seems and that we can blame much of this on the ancient mattress and boxspring. In 5 - 7 weeks, I'll let you know.

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