Monday, October 29, 2007

It is 11:30 pm: do you know where your Mommy is?

It is 11:35 pm and I am stealing time for myself, it is true. I am watching Sex and the City reruns, and don't want to go to bed. I'll pay tomorrow, but damn, I love being up late at night. Monito is asleep in the bassinet in the living room with me, Homestead Mama should be covering Pequita, at least until her black period (2 - 4 am) during which I cover both kids because H-Mama's perspective is, shall we say, skewed. (Bow now to my boobs of wonder.) We have a day of traveling, lunch and visiting our RE for a Halloween photo shoot on Tuesday, and I'll be able to manage. Does anyone else make decisions that aren't good for them but serve them well?

Speaking of boobs of wonder, I went off Fenugreek for a while. Now that I am back on it, Yowza! The milk is back. Perhaps it is that one or both babes is no longer on a growth spurt, but still, I could feed a village. I like it.


Wendie (lurker :-) ) said...

Way to go on your boobs a plenty. It is a wonderful feeling.

Homestead Mom said...

It is always nice to see the actual function of a body part so commonly co-opted by society. Boobs are for milk production only at this point in our house.