Friday, October 19, 2007

Joy, thwarted

The local children's science center, the distance to which is approximately the exact amount of time it takes Pequita to fall asleep (thereby rendering the trip useless, since Monito doesn't so much enjoy the exhibits and toys as much as the profile of my chest these days) has FREE WIRELESS available on site that I can get from the parking lot.  I brought my laptop to blog in Word, but lookie!  Here I am! 

So before Monito tires of his rattle, let me note down the milestones of late.

-bringing me shoes to try on.  Hers, ours, sandals, etc. 
-asking for help all the time.  She approaches an object/task and grunts in her 'help' tone.
-signs for 'more' when eating her favorite foods.  Not consistent - she only seems to associate more with certain foods.  Also signing a bit for nurse.
-dances when we sing. 
-if I start to recite one of her favorite books she'll run across the room and dig around, find the correct book, and bring it to me. 
-insists on helping me unload the dishwasher.  She sits on the counter and plucks one piece of silverware out of the basket at a time and watches while I name it and place it in the proper spot in the drawer.  She doesn't yet know if I call it the wrong name or put it in the wrong slot, but that is only because she is so excited to get to the next piece.
-she is talking & responding back to us in proper tone, inflection and syllables for a real answer.  Still gibberish, but...

-standing with support. 
-refuses to face backwards over my shoulder to travel, insists on twisting around and facing front.  This renders him a little shakier, but his abs are strengthening with practice bobbing around.  This skill also allows him to aim his spit up anywhere he likes.  Joy.
-he's staying awake for increasing amounts of time. Usually naps for 2 hours and then is up for three or so. 
-seeks out his sister in the room, following her voice or sounds of her play

...he just woke up, so I'm off to enjoy the science center.

...and couldn't get a strong enough signal to send it until I got home.  Bah. 

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