Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I thought I was above dressing our kids up before they even know what is happening. I was wrong. Yesterday, Homestead Mama and I went to the town she works in and spent the day visiting friends & her coworkers and showing off the kids. We ended up at the local grocery store, which hosts a Halloween costume parade for little kids. It was excellent, and Pequita really loved seeing the other kids in costume. Pequita and Monito got candy from each department in the store, which will have to be, um, taken care of this year on the kids' behalf. Parenting is fraught with sacrifices, don't you know.
Pequita wore her cousin's hand-me-down ladybug suit, and Monito wore the little orange cat suit Pequita wore all last winter (not for Halloween, but just because it was cute and warm.) I've been a little worried about their size and outgrowing the costumes; Monito was barely ok in his suit, as long as he didn't try to straighten out his toes. Pequita, on the other hand, was squeezed into her outfit like a sausage. Each time she bent, sat or squatted she popped a snap. By the end of the night her pant legs were flapping around her legs like a skirt.

Tonight, on actual Halloween, one of the mom's group couples hosted a potluck. It was fun, but intense. A crowded house, adults eating & drinking wine, lots of crazed babies up past their bedtime. Nice people but a nutsy time. Due to the wardrobe malfunction from the night before, Pequita was a leopard in properly fitting pants. A little mascara whisker set and voila. She was in a bit of a stupor by the end of the night. (See her beautiful new shoes? She's still learning how to walk in them.)


Becca said...

So cute!

Homestead Mom said...

Yes, we were enchanted with them. As usual..