Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Operation Pequita Nap: Day 2

Lest I forget what I'm doing all this for. (The loving, not Monito farting. The boy really is full of air.)

We had a good day today. I put Pequita down for a nap in her crib at 10:20 am after 4 books, a bottle and some rocking, and she cried for 3 return comforts, then slept for 45 minutes by herself. Success, I say. The afternoon was bungled because she slept on our outing- the car was in the garage for an oil change and I took a walk in the rain with the babes asleep in a toxic plastic shell in their stroller. Sadly, they slept. I arrived back home after 90 minutes (hey, I needed the walk) wet and exhausted with two perky awake babies. Bad planning. At 7 pm they slept in the car on the way to fetch the other car from the garage, and it took her 10 minutes of screaming - top volume & high anger - to fall asleep. I think that me pushing her boundary/ setting a boundary is causing her to fight more on other fronts. Good. Have at it. This is something I can easily follow through on for all our sakes. Ok, easily is pushing it but at least I am committed. H-mama is less inured to the sound of her daughter getting hoarse with vocalization, but I talked her through it.

(We discovered a huge dent in the car trunk/ hind quarters upon picking it up. I will phone tomorrow morning to let them apologize and tell me the new trunk lid is already ordered. God help me if they deny responsibility.)

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Momma Penguin said...

Hurrah! Definitely success! This part for us is odd, I think. Let's face it, usually Mums simply rule the roost in terms of the detail on how children will be raised. What to do when there are two Mums? I foresee some trouble ahead, Sian is MUCH softer than I am...