Sunday, October 28, 2007

Interspecies play

Pequita has breached the species barrier. She discovered that she can feed the dogs, and now feeds all her unwanted expensive organic food to the pooches, piece by piece, much to the dogs' joy. When we hand her dog biscuits to feed them, she eats them. Of course.


MSL said...

We have taught our dogs "out" as in 'step out of the kitchen now'. It was my husband's idea but I went along with it because of this very situation. I figured if the dogs (well, really only the lab) were not under the table dropping food would not be as great a temptation.

- Michele

PS: The hand gesture to accompany 'out' is moving a pointing hand away from my body.

Homestead Mom said...

Umm, yeah. That would be the smart thing to do. We have the dogs fairly well trained, and Homestead Mama takes the young one to agility classes - Luna could leap in a single bound onto the kitchen island, and on H-Mama's command tiptoe through an obstacle course of dishes, ending in a frozen pointing stand at the other end. Instead, H-mama was holding the bowl of naturally sweetened organic animal crackers that Pequita was then proffering to the dogs. Instigator is her middle name. I'm increasingly sorry that my last dog, Moody, died a few months ago. He loved fruits and vegetables and wasn't too proud to eat anything. The two dogs we have left turn up their spoiled little noses at bland Cheerios, extra broccoli Pequita spits out, and anything that grew on a tree. Useless, they are.