Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday, and we're homebound again

My car is in the shop getting a new muffler today. We are having a quiet day at home. I managed to vacuum, sweep and mop the first floor this morning, and then made homemade noodles for a chicken soup. Some days I can, some days I barely have time to pee.

Pequita has a new expression. It is kind of a mix between "Give me what I want NOW, you nasty Mommy" and "My molars are pushing through my gums and I am miserable, so you will be too". She uses it all the time. Many times it is followed quickly by a solid chomp on your flesh. Yes, the angel is growing up.
Monito has graduated to the neglectosaucer! He loves it. This is good for all of us, mostly him, as he can strengthen his legs and his spastic motor skills.
Does it count as sleep training if I was trying a slightly later nap time and Pequita falls asleep in her lunch, and only barely stirs when I transfer her to her crib? I don't think so. Perhaps the 11:30 am time is too late, and we should stick with the 10:30 scream fest. Any thoughts? It is far more pleasant when she is wasted, but is it a valid train at that point?

Voting will be open all the way up until about 10 am Wednesday, when I'll have to make a decision. Tomorrow we're going to Homestead Mama's work t meet her and another friend for lunch. She works an hour away, so we'll get in the car right about nap time and sleep through.


Momma Penguin said...

I have new-found sympathy for Pequita's napping difficulties. I have been trying to break my OWN sleep associations before baby. Namely, I sleep with talk radio on all night. I tried to go cold turkey, became hysterical, and gave in. Habits are hard to break, esp when tired!

Lucky for P, she has you to do the willpower bit!

Anyway, how about 11?

Homestead Mom said...

I was addicted to earplugs, and was still a VERY light sleeper. I bought one of these and it has saved me, but white noise is white noise, even if it is talk radio. For better or for worse, you'll be tired enough so that a lot of sleep problems are much diminished. I still wake up to VERY quiet talk radio - it doesn't disturb the kids, and if I listen well I can catch up on the news.

Homestead Mom said...

Oh - and yes, I agree that shifting to 30 minutes earlier would be a good start.

Pen said...

Let her fall asleep at the table if it helps ease into a nap. Who cares? There's no "right" way to fall asleep so long as it's good for mom - and lunch isn't that day a drowning hazard.

tiffanie said...

I know I'm too late for Wednesday, but I say get her to sleep the EASIEST way possible! Screw the fighting.

Homestead Mom said...

and the no fighting is what won today. I'll post about why, but we spent the whole day downtown walking around in the sun.

the webmistress said...

My mom has never really understood the Blog thing, so from time to time I send her snips of your entries. I sent her this one and she made a statement that it never stops... I will be 22 on Sunday and according to her I still make that "you nasty mommy" face at her on occasion. Heh. :)