Thursday, January 31, 2008

Web help, anyone?

Hey, any of you readers have advice about buying a domain name and setting up the blog on it? Is there actually a right way?


J. said...

Right way/wrong way?


Good way/bad way?


It's all in the host you choose.

After going through many companies for my short life, I highly recommend They are wonderful. Customer service is snappy and I have hardly had any trouble with them. Their pricing is competitive, as far as I'm concerned... some people balk at the about $90/year price tag for hosting, but to me, that's cheap. I've paid more to get worse service. My last two blogs have been hosted there. They also do yearly domain registration for $10 a pop, which is damn cheap. They also offer an extensive package of auto-install interfaces-- blog packages like Wordpress, which is what I use, and TONS of other stuff.

I don't mean to sound like a commercial for 'em... I'm just a fanatically happy customer. :-)

If you have any questions or anything, I'll be glad to offer what knowledge I have... just shoot me an email.

Two Mamas said...

I think we go through and I'm pretty sure that their rates are similiar to the prior posts.

We've had some issues with customer service and haven't been overly impressed - as their system tends to go down every once in a while.

We also use WordPress to write our blog entries and it seems user friendly and you can post videos, links, and pictures without much work.

Margot's really the person to talk to about all of that - and her email address is

Good luck with the switch over!