Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yogurt is best enjoyed with the hands. Clearly, one cannot get the proper appreciation for blend and consistency if a spoon is used. Oh, the screaming that follows the suggestion of a utensil. Hands it is.

Young Monito has truly embraced eating. He is in love with organic apple/apricot sauce. He loves to actually chew on a peeled apple, too. But his first love is the messiest option, the teething biscuit. Gluey brown flecks affix themselves everywhere and when dried, resist the washcloth. But they are wonderful for this:
Can you see them? Two little white nubbins poking up through his lower gums? I can FEEL THEM as he figures out how to nurse around the sore skin in his mouth. Ouch. I bellow when he nails me and it scares him and he cries. Every time. Better, says I, than letting him think it is OK to mash those buggers down on my nipple. An investment in long-term nursing.

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Becca said...

In our house it goes 1) Neat spoon use 2) finger feeding (even with yogurt here too) 3) pick up the bowl and try to drink out of it. I think I'm seeing steady improvement in the duration of step 1), so I'm happy.

Those biter biscuits are a huge mess but so much fun.