Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Pequita  let out a cry as we laid down in bed last night, exhausted and achy, and threw up.  So much for being the one who may not get it.  It is awful to see how frightened the kids get when their bodies take over in that way.  I remember the first time I knocked the wind out of myself - thought I was dying.

Anyway, we are all on short ropes here.  The boy is so heavy and so sick all he wants is to be carried and jostled.  My back is going out - or I'm achy enough to feel like it is - and it is almost intolerable to have to care for other beings at this point.  NOW is when all those lovey ditties I made up about the babies in nicer times are coming in handy and as I sing them reminding me how much I'll love them again once I am feeling better.  Right now - well, right now I'd like to hand them over to someone trustworthy and have a day in bed.  No one fits the bill on a work day in this town.  My sister doesn't know how lucky she is to have my parents in the same neck of the woods as she is.  Sigh. I want my mommy.

Now that I've whined a bit, I'll say that the kids are doing amazingly for as sick as they are.  They are playing well, sweet to each other, and being very chipper in between bouts of discomfort.  So much better than most adults!  Homestead Mama and I are no longer sporting our usual full reservoirs of milk; we are relying on the 'fresh spring' effect of trickling in milk that the LLL woman explained.  Despite rather deflated bosoms because of our own sickness and dehydration, we are keeping all babes hydrated.  Thank goodness we have four boobs to share amongst them - neither of us could do it alone.

I'm off to do another load of laundry.  I feel like the best planner in the world finally.  I bought many waterproof mattress pads in the weeks before Pequita's birth, and have spare sets of changing table covers.  After feeling as though I'd overstocked foolishly, I now know that I have just the right amount.  We made it through ONE night of flu with ONE little 18" waterproof butt pad to spare.   Phew!

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Becca said...

Phew is right! Poor family! A sick kid is hard enough when you feel well. It's the worst when everyone is sick! Hope you guys all feel better really soon.