Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Growing up, growing bored, growing in.

The growing up picture:
Pequita has developed a love for small cozy spaces, and we've made her first ever fort. Joyous times afoot.

The growing bored candidate:
Life is soooo tiresome.

The growing in candidate:
My hair. All over my head, there is the longer straight hair that valiantly refused to jump on the hormonal bandwagon and fall out. Now, poking through it like pin feathers on a baby chick, is about 1.5" of new growth hair. It looks, hmmm, I'll go with amusing. At least it is coming back. This may be just the incentive I need to chop it all off again. No complaints, to be sure!


Kim said...

as you can imagine, i LOVE forts. let's make a big one next time i come over. maybe pequita can play with us if she's good and doesn't knock it down before we eat snacks inside it.

J. said...

Lovely photos :) Happy for you and your returning hair. Thanks so much for the holiday card! The pictures in it were JUST beautiful!!!

I can't help myself... why did you let your Dad write the cards? Haha! Those paragraphs sure sound like he wrote them. Not that I don't adore him to death, but he tends to be... cut and dry... and you tend to let your character bleed in more than that. ;-)