Saturday, January 12, 2008

So tired

Monito is going through something. I don't know what. It doesn't really matter, I guess, but it is awful. He is restlessly sleeping all the time. Eight minute naps. Waking us all up every hour or so at night with his loud discomfort. I don't know if it is pain from gas or teething, or bad dreams, or - as a friend just read in an article - he's working on an 'emotional project'. Whatever. If Pequita didn't exist, I'd likely let him fuss more at night, but since she's precariously sleeping at this point, and I jump to at the first whimper. Last night found me going to bed early - in bed by 9:30! Then up at 10:30, then again at 11:06. This last time he was harder to comfort, so I dosed him with Motrin and set us up on the window seat in our master bathroom. Propped up on pillows on the boob he quickly fell back asleep, and I read the bulk of a lovely vampire murder novel. I know, sounds awful, but my sister sent it to H-Mama and it was funny and delightful. Also an easy read, which was important since I was barely functional. I was up with the boy at 7 am again, and finished the book. H-Mama relieved me at 9:30 so I could take a nap. The day was shot. I hope this is a little remedied by Monday. I'm not holding my breath.
The bright side? My sister is sending me more books from the series, and says Anna Paquin is to star in the movie.


kimmie said...

You need sleep. I hope last night went better. Is he in a wonder week?

Becca said...

That sounds so hard! I hope he comes out on the other side even more delightful and smiley and giggly than before (that's what happened to us this go-round of non-stop cranky baby).