Sunday, January 13, 2008


As I mentioned (in mind-numbing detail, I imagine) one of our dogs is terminally ill and we are looking to find another to keep our remaining dog company. We just went to the SPCA for a family outing and found an excellent prospect. This 5 year old 45 lb female was very smart, energetic, and would have been a great match for us. An old couple were just in the process of adopting her. They are clearly couch potatoes and bordering on elderly. What business they have to adopt a vibrant dog who loves to run and can jump 6' in the air I do not know. We left our names in case they bring her back because she is too much for them.

We aren't in a hurry, exactly, to get a new dog. Goodness knows we are busy enough with the babies. I sure do hate to see bad placements happen, though. No dog should have to live as a 'yard dog' chained to a tree outside, which is all I can see this couple doing. I'll get over it. Sigh.

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Becca said...

Oh, that is sad! I hope she comes to live with you instead.