Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why I Love Her

Homestead Mama knew that Monito was getting me up every 90 minutes or so last week. So on Sunday she let me sleep in, and when I forced myself awake and headed downstairs this is what I found. Pequita packed in the Ergo back carrier, Monito in full Loll in the arms of his Mama, and Otis Redding on the (crappy) stereo. We had a discussion recently about all the music our parents played over and over and that we grew to love and consider our base music. For H-Mama, Sinatra, Belafonte, show tunes, and top 40 hits from the 50's. For me, the Doors, Crosby Stills & Nash, Peter Paul and Mary, Pete Seeger and all folk from the beginning of time. If our kids are to develop a base musical sense, we figured we'd better start playing this stuff. And so, behold:

I remember my younger brother and I dancing like wild kids to "Build me a Woman Maker Her 10 Feet Tall" by the Doors at a very young age. We thought that was a riot, especially that Jim Morrison wanted to play ball all day with her. Of course, we also had to let the little bulbs warm up on the hi-fi stereo before the records could play.


Becca said...

We grew up listening to the same music! The video is so sweet!

Becca said...

Duh, I mean "I" grew up listening to the same music. I'm stuck in family-speak!

J. said...

That is absolutely wonderful and beautiful to see.

Momma Penguin said...

wrote a nice long comment yesterday that somehow got eaten. never mind. love the video. a real reminder that you guys literally have your hands full! a couple of people at a postnatal group i attend have twins. as i've said to you before, i think your job is at least as demanding! also -- doesn't the idea of single parenthood make your blood run cold?!? can you imagine?
as for music, harry and i are stuck on savage garden at the moment. there's a song i sing along to whilst gazing into his eyes that makes me cry a little. gotta love those hormones.

Anonymous said...

This one brought tears to my eyes as I see how much love you share with the babies even when you are feeling "god-awful" yourself. So happy to know that they are growing up with music in their lives. Let's take them to a concert on M.V. next summer.