Friday, January 4, 2008

My girl, she is learning

She brought her Schleich moose down with her from the nursery this morning. I plunked her down in her high chair and was making her a sippy cup full of water when she grabbed a piece of holiday loaf from my plate*. (Pumpkin spice bread with walnuts and chocolate chips. Breakfast of champions when toasted and buttered. Thanks, Mom!) I sat back down at the island and Pequita offered me the moose to make him 'go'. This means make him do what he does in nature, like bellow, trot, graze, etc. along with all the requisite sounds. I trotted him around the table for a while, then headed him over to my daughter. She quickly grabbed the pieces of holiday loaf off the table and held them up over her head so he couldn't eat them. Smart girl - save the good stuff.

*Yeah, not her normal morning fare. They were both up frequently through the night. I am decidedly off my game today. Coffee is absorbing while I write.

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