Saturday, February 2, 2008

New Pooch

We just brought home the new dog, and he shows no submissive behavior like they said. This does not mean he is being aggressive, though. As I suspected, when we met him he was cowed by a new kennel at the rescue place, strange dogs, all the uncertainties of life outside his former home. He has much promise, but his name might change. Gus was a name for a calm, goofy dog. His first order of business was to put his feet up on the counter and sniff the baby's food. I was hoping NOT to have another forager, as life is very peaceful with two dogs who quietly wait for food to fall to the floor. Oh well. We'll get him trained. He is happily in the Homestead with a slightly confused & concerned Cody & Luna, but they're faring well.

60 lbs of fuzzy. Probably named Dodger, after the Artful Dodger in Oliver! the musical, because of his ruffian like self and counter foraging. We'll see.


kimmie said...

He's home sooner than I thought he'd be! I can't wait to come play with him. I like the name Dodger. Can I call him "arty" for short? lol

Becca said...

He is so cute and fuzzy! I like the name Dodger too. Have fun!