Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have the stomach flu that is going around. I had leftover Thai food for dinner last night and thought the spiciness was hitting me wrong until I realized OH NO this is no reaction to spice. Roundabout 3 am I realized that I needed to get myself away from the otherwise still healthy family and went to (not) sleep in the guest room. Poor Homestead Mama had to handle both babies waking up - not easy, since they both want to be snuggly and nurse themselves awake, which is impossible to do unless you remain in a push-up position above them both for way too long. (I've tried.) I had to not make any noise so the babes didn't know I was around - it is easier that way - while I went in the bathroom for various reasons every 20 minutes.

H-Mama just tossed a bag of ginger ale onto the front porch - a drive-by kind gesture - on her way to taking the kids down town for amusement. I can only suggest that you run screaming from anyone who even looks peaked. This is a doozy. I now have to pump for the first time in months because I am afraid to feed the baby.

Oh, and one tip? If you are going to be experiencing your last meal over and over again, pick something more appetizing than Panang curry.

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Becca said...

Oh man! I hope you feel better soon.