Sunday, January 27, 2008

Welcome, Gus

Funny. I was about to change the subtitle of my blog from 'life among the ever expanding pack' to something less expansive, since we are pretty much done having babies. BUT. Welcome to Gus, the pooch we committed to adopting this afternoon. He's a Labradoodle who has had a rough first year in a Mennonite breeding kennel. He hasn't shaped up like they needed him to, either he doesn't meet the required standards for Labradoodles or, being a submissive fellow, couldn't, um, properly sow his oats with the females. Regardless, we'll have to help him learn how to play. He is already good with dogs and cats, and seems to have all the right instincts towards kids. Homestead Mama is getting over her preference for the Aussie with the wild hair up his 7 month old butt who would have been a very smart, very challenging dog. Frankly, we don't have two hours a day to spend training a challenging dog. We are both happy to be betting on Gus to be an easy and grateful addition to the household. We'll get him home in the next few days.


kimmie said...

My girlfriend says, "thanks for getting gus" because now she thinks I will stop wanting another dog myself, since I will dote on your new dog as if it were my own. Let me know when he's coming home so I can bring him treats. I saw a labradoodle at the dog park yesterday and it wasn't nearly as handsome as this guy. He was bouncy when he played though, which was cute. Maybe if we bring gus to the park it will help him learn how to play. Even my fickle husky plays with other furkids there.

Anonymous said...

He is a real cutie. Can't wait to meet your new addition. How big is he? It is hard to tell by the picture as there is no other objects in it. Are you getting him from the shelter?

Anke said...

hmmm... a "mennonite breeding kennel". those places are also known as puppy mills. (leave it to the fundamentalist christians to come up with creative ways to abuse animals...) thanks for getting him out of there! anke