Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm Very Talented

Clever, clever girl. I put together another cabinet, and when Homestead Mama got home, asked her to help me move all of its 150 lbs into the kitchen. Guess which one of us dropped the weight of the whole thing on her foot? Ahem. That would be me, the talented agile one. Dropped it on my good foot, by the way, the one that basically allows me to do everything reliably. After some extended deep breathing, and shockingly no swearing, I soaked it in cold water in the tub until I couldn't feel it anymore, and then did the logical next step. Before the swelling and pain really hit, I made H-Mama help me finish moving it into place. We couldn't leave it in the middle of the kitchen floor! Then I elevated, iced, dosed NSAIDs, and moaned. X-ray the next day showed no break, but the bruising is going to be better than a sunset in San Francisco.

I don't do pedicures, so that is the natural state of my very wide duck-like feet. I suppose I could have moisturized for the picture. And those red things peeking out from my jeans? I felted a sweater to use the wool for projects, and these are the sleeves that I just lopped off. Lovely, felted red wool cable knit leg warmers. It has been cold here, and in my defense, no one can see them when I'm upright.

Sadly, once we got the cabinet in place, our fears were confirmed. It is too deep for the location. All standard US base cabinetry is 24" deep; we need 18" deep for this location. Wall cabinets at 12" deep don't offer enough storage. So we will do what we always do (have you wondered why it is taking us years to renovate?) we will modify the cabinet to suit our needs. We will rip the depth down by 6 inches and then install it. It will house our trash can, recycle bin, and some appliances like the rice maker and blender, and still leave a nice wide aisle through which to walk.


Becca said...

Ouch! Your poor poor foot. I'm amazed with the no swearing too!

J. said...

OWIE! I also am amazed about the no-swearing... you are strong. :)

I feel you about the wide feet. I got 'em too.