Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Monito's first meal

Monito has just cut his first two teeth (lower jaw.) As with Pequita, this happened around 7 months, and so as with his sister, Monito is now cleared to eat solid food. He had his first non-breast milk food a couple days ago. Since it was mere hours until he started getting the stomach flu, I'm glad it was organic chicken and matzoh ball soup that he ate. He was READY!



Becca said...

He loves it!

J. said...

You made such a wonderful little guy! I've never even met him and I love him like crazy. He was definitely ready for that soup! :-)

kimmie said...

I want some. Next time you make a batch set some aside for me! I'll barter an hour of baby-playing.

Anonymous said...

Monito is just so cute eating his first food ever! Reading this blog makes my arms ache for my grandchildren. I so wish I could hold them in their unhappy times so that you could get some rest too. Know that I would gladly have the dreaded virus a second time, just to ease your sick household, if I could. Oh for less distance between us. I love you so, so much.