Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Homestead Mama succumbed at midnight and moved to the guest room. I've been mostly awake since then between the two kids, nursing and comforting. Monito just returned to me, in projectile form, all the milk he borrowed in the last several hours. Then he rumbled a bit and - and - I didn't know babies could dry heave. Lesson learned.

If only Pequita can stagger her onset for a few hours from now, I'll be able to manage.


Becca said...

Oh, poor family! That is no fun at all! I hope everyone feels better soon.

Two Mamas said...

We got nailed with the projectible vomiting last night too!

To say the least, it's a day on the couch with chicken soup and ginger ale.

Hope you all feel better soon!

kimmie said...

I want so much to offer to come help out or something, but from the sounds of it I don't want to be exposed to this, since I somehow managed to miss it on Friday (even though your kids had their hands in my mouth all night). Sending love. Will drop off groceries if you need it, but I'm not passing through your door! xxx

Momma Penguin said...

Oh, how absolutely awful. So sorry. I will keep my fingers crossed that you all recover quickly. What a bad run of illness you've had. Not fair.