Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kitchen Pictures

A disclaimer - we still have to install window trim, paint the walls robin's egg blue, and install shelving on the walls for glassware and spices and the like. We are also installing French doors to the left of the plant stand that will face west and open onto the deck or stone terrace (still deciding on the budget for that one.) One step at a time.

Here is the shelf I brought home from a lab at my work. A motley piece of furniture, I admit. But it is a stable metal frame on wheels with plywood top and shelf. Imagine it once I've sanded the frame, painted it a matte black and installed oiled butcher block top and shelf. It will be quite gorgeous, and very functional. It has done a fine job of housing the big appliances for a while, and keeping my plants happy by the window. Below is the standard height cabinet that is too high for the window behind it. When we gutted the house, we installed new windows in the same locations as the old ones to maintain the historical architectural integrity of the structure; in 1851* they didn't care about 36" high work spaces, apparently. I'll be buying a very expensive specialty baking cabinet for this spot. It will make me very happy. We haven't exactly decided on what to use for counters in the kitchen. I prefer soapstone or making oiled wood counters from the wood that we salvaged from the interior of our house. It is almost 2 inches thick and from 18 - 24" wide. I have to see how it sands down before deciding. Homestead Mama likes the idea of granite with Adirondacks garnet in it. It is mined from very close to where she grew up. Since neither of us really want a hard cold counter like granite, as a compromise, we'll likely put the garnet granite on the baking center and something else for the rest of the surfaces.

So lots to keep me busy. I suppose starting by buying sound-muffling earphones for the babes would be a good idea, since none of this can be done without my power tools.

* It sometimes boggles my mind that our house was built when slavery was still happening. Other reference points: the U.S. was busy beating the Brits at their own game; steel begins to be mass-produced; the Origin of the Species is almost published. Remembering all that makes me happier with our uneven floors, original framing and somewhat drafty foundation.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear! What a nasty looking bruise.Why not wait until we come for a visit to move such heavy items? The yogart face is just the cutest I must try this way of eating my yogart, maybe I'm missing out on half the fun. So happy that Monito is enjoying his new teeth. I remember well being bitten by "J." when he got his first teeth, Ugg. They seem to learn pretty fast not to hurt Mom when the screem is so immediate. Love you lots, Mom. Be careful now.