Monday, February 4, 2008

Tubbie Time

Our house is a little drafty sometimes, and it has been frigid outside; evening tubbie warms us all up. We have needed the hot soak as well because Pequita's butt has been sorely affected by fruit intake. She loves citrus, melon, kiwi, all of it. She gets such a bad diaper rash from it, though. Soaking heals it up as fast as possible. It is torture to hear her scream and cry when we have to change a diaper. We have added bubbles to Pequita's time, and she loves it. Monito can't have bubbles yet since it takes two hands to hold him and I can't manage the wand at the same time I am keeping him from going under. Monito looks so much like me and my dad as babies it is amazing.

I am sure I needn't comment on the scorching cuteness of the two of them. We only tandem tubbie if both moms are present, since the extraction, drying off and diapering process is a bit sketchy with only one of us. Pequita LOVES her 'naked noodle time' (phrase coined by her Boston Aunties for her male cousin, who actually has a, uh, noodle, but it is such a nice alliteration that we kept it) and is happy as a clam to bop around the bathroom and house naked as a jaybird freezing her tuchus off. She does, thoughtfully, stop running while she pees on the floor, which minimizes mess, but so far for her naked noodle time can totally happen with a diaper and slippers on. Phew. She has started channeling the Minister of Silly Walks*, which has us doubled over at times. It can be hysterical. Her current favorite is the goosestep. I'll get video and post it soon.

*If you had to click on this link to find out what that was, shame on you. What were you watching when you were 11 years old if not Monty Python? Poor Homestead Mama didn't get it up in the Adirondacks; she missed seeing it in the critical developmental period - about 8 to 14 years old - and so now when I make her watch it, doesn't understand why it is funny when King Arthur says to the Black Knight, "What are you going to do, BLEED on me?"

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