Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grandparents are here

I am busy getting things done because I have my parents visiting.  I do have a lot to post, and will try to get to it today.  It is so luxurious having extra hands around the house - this must be what it is like to have a staff.  I've always wanted a butler.

We hired a woodworker to start finishing things around the house.  I am overjoyed.  I'll post pictures of before & after, so you can follow along.  Best of all, if we pay him in cash, he'll work for about half the going rate of our other subcontractors. 

Oh, and Momma Penguin asked who we voted for.  Hillary.  I like that she has 15 years or so more experience on the hill.  I also like that she's got things so well thought out, and already knows her alliances and will be able to get going right from the start.  I don't like that she is so universally hated by so many; it will inhibit her ability to do anything and that is worrisome.  I would be very happy with Obama, too.  It feels lovely to have two really positive candidates to choose from - I don't actually care which one goes to the final election.  I just hope the Dems win so we can bring some balance back to the world before the next Republican stint in office.

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Momma Penguin said...

Quite so. As long as there is not an old white man in the oval office, I will be thrilled!