Monday, February 4, 2008

R.I.P. Dodger

Sorry. We don't get many opportunities for cliffhangers here at Homestead Mom.

The dog is alive and well. Homestead Mama and I couldn't remember the name Dodger to save our lives, and repeatedly called him many other things. I was in the process of putting post-its with his name on them around the house to remind us what to call him when I realized that maybe his new name just wasn't the right fit for him. He is a bit goofier than a dog named Dodger should be. He is also huge and furry - we decided that Dodger was the name for a smaller, sleeker pooch.

Meet Cosmo, in all his furry, goofy, playful, drippy chin glory. Yes, this name is sticking, I promise.

Cosmo Kramer wasn't exactly a namesake, but certainly the spirits match. When I saw the new pup run into the master bedroom and skid across the floor on his uncoordinated paws and bump into H-Mama, the name was cemented. He is a funny dog, and needed a funny name.

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