Thursday, February 7, 2008

Required Toy - Who Knew?

Sadly, as our daughter is the kid who eats crayons and draws on her face with markers, she hasn't been able to draw much, and she yearns to leave her mark on the world. We encountered a Magnadoodle at playgroup yesterday. Oh, lordy, the glee. The joy. The bloodcurdling scream that erupted when we had to leave it behind. We drove straight to Target and bought a travel sized version for the car, and the full size living room model to take inside. She's been toting it around all day by its handle, and comes running to me yelling when she is ready to have it cleared off. I can't believe no one told us about this thing!

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kimmie said...

I remember when they first came out. I LOVE this toy. You can get ones that make shapes (like a stamp). Can't wait to play with yours! You should take a picture of one of her drawings and post it on here.