Monday, February 4, 2008

Monito Stands!

Monito has been largely happy sitting and watching while Pequita flits about him. Lately, though, he has started to really make headway towards crawling and standing. I can prop him up against things and he'll stay there indefinitely. He can even hold himself at an angle to see the TV when Pequita is watching Thomas the Tank Engine.

He is also quite happy, still, to sit in his throne and let his sister fetch him toys, which she mostly does of her own accord whenever he whimpers. Being catered to suits him. Monito walking will suit me just dandy, as the boy is still huge and HEAVY for me to carry everywhere. Yes, I know that babywearing is best, and that many people wear their babies in slings for the first few years. I know that, and I wear him all over town now. But those people must have puny little 50th percentile babies.

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queenmother said...

oops -- on my mum's account, but this is from brighton penguin:
I have very much enjoyed catching up on a week's worth of posts! Everyone seems to be thriving, glad to glean that illness is no longer part of your lives. They are absolutely delicious & delightful children. Particularly charming that she brings him toys. And, by the by, I can't stand the sling for my 7 week old 25th %ile babe. Reminds me of being pregnant. Stroller all the way!!