Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Standing Orders

It's not that I've gotten out of the habit of posting or anything. Monito has started to almost crawl and stand. Mostly, I'm grateful that he's heading towards walking, since he weighs a ton and I'm strong, but TIRED of carrying him all over. I didn't know how good I had it with Pequita walking and entertaining herself and Monito content watching the whirling dirvish that is his sister. Now he wants to stand all the time, and can all but pull himself up onto solid objects. He needs constant attention, since he regularly falls over and whacks himself on the butt, head, whatever. Since he cannot really get back upright without a little help, he cries for me to prop him up and is not satisfied until he is upright again. I put him down in a lovely pile of fun non-choking size toys and sit down to blog. In seven minutes, this is the scene. The green footstool on the left is where he started. He is now, mysteriously, across the room wedged against a table playing with the basket of toys that he could choke on. That big stain on the rug near the coffee table? The huge mug of coffee he pulled off the table this morning, narrowly missing his body and instead only smashing my favorite 8-cup capacity hand thrown pottery mug. Sigh. The rug is in the washer as I type. Can you see that instead of one nice wool rug we are using two 4 x 6' cotton rugs overlapping? It isn't lack of desire for beauty, or of a sense of style. With two babies, two dogs and a puppy, I need to be able to launder my floor coverings. Also, I did pledge to buy less - or was it nothing? - this year, and we already owned the rugs.

Here is the scene we play out over and over.
What a relief it will be when he can do this by himself.

The first reader to remind me of the last statement when I start complaining about how hard it is to run after two kids will owe me an ice cream sundae.

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Becca said...

Oh, the head bonking stage is so frustrating for Mamas and babies alike. Good luck Monito!