Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Named Them All

But it took me an embarrassingly long time.

Kentucky I understand having to stew over, but Delaware? Sheesh.


kimmie said...

Not to brag or anything (which tells you that this is leading up to a brag)but I named all 50 states in 3:34 minutes. It's all thanks to a song we learned in 3rd grade.

Becca said...

I did it in 4:30. But got stuck on Illinois and Connecticut. That was harder than I expected! If not for all the storm chasing I did in college I would have had a really hard time with the interior states.

I'm Toni said...

Well, it took me longer than the other smart women who've commented! I couldn't remember Iowa for the life of me! And I lived like 15 miles from it in Nebraska! I kept saying it, "Council Bluffs, ???"
Anyway.... thanks for stopping by and commenting on my quilled cardinal!
Your kids are adorable! I was 35 when I had my son. I think it made me much more patient than if I'd been a 20 year old mom! whew! can't imagine!
have fun!

J. said...

Ohio was the one that stumped me. I sat for a long time staring at that funny-shaped state, with no idea what its name was. Haha.

kimmie said...

I was ordered to share my girlfriend's score. She's a bit competitive. Forgive her cuz she's really pretty. Anyway, she did it, IN ORDER from north to south, west to east, in 1:47. I like the smarties, that's for sure!