Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pequita's Lead Level Retest

I just got a call back from the pediatrician's office. Pequita's blood lead levels are 1.1, down from a high of 9.25, with 10 being considered toxic levels.

I'm ecstatic. I admit that I teared up when the nurse told me. I was quite worried. Damn clawfoot tub.

I'd appreciate it if anyone reading this make a point of spreading the word that antique cast iron bathtubs and sinks can leach significant lead into the warm water that children bathe in, wash their faces in, and brush their teeth in.


J. said...

What a perfect picture! She's absolutely glowing in beauty and crazy amounts of cute. I'm glad all is well again.

kimmie said...

I did my part by pulling my lead-ridden chinese-made buddha from her mouth when she was here.

Blue Hair Knits said...

What great news!! Good think you both were so proactive. How are you feeling? Auto-immune tests sound like the right think to do at this point for those soft tissue pains. Hormones do crazy things to that system apparently. Take care of yourself!


Momma Penguin said...

So glad to read this news. What a relief. And a timely reminder -- I just gave my little man his first bath in our clawfoot tub... Will get a lead test before doing that again.