Monday, February 11, 2008

Cosmo Acclimates

With the bare minimum of encouragement, Cosmo is proving to be a fair bet for agility trials. He found this out on his own, and we're encouraging it wholeheartedly.

I took him to the vet today, since he's had nothing but diarrhea since we brought him home. He was on a 5-day course of worming meds, and once those finished he should have been set to rights. No such luck. The vet said that he is most certainly not a Labradoodle, most likely an Airedale - Poodle cross. This is actually good news, since I wanted a terrier and love Airedales. Medically, though, he could have used some care in the past few months. He has gastroenteritis and giardia, a nasty little parasite that is easily treated. This explains the upset bowels a far sight better than stress. I had him tested for heartworms and we'll get those results in a few days. For now, he's on a special food that is high in protein & easy to digest, an antibiotic and a probiotic flora supplement. The vet said he should be markedly improved in 2 - 3 days. Phew. Both the vet and the vet tech commented on what a fantastic dog he is - one of the truly special ones. We happen to agree. It will be nice to have him out of the kennel and lolling about the house with the other dogs.

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