Sunday, February 3, 2008

Let Them Eat (Cheap) Bread

Our grocery just increased the cost of our favorite artisan bread, Rosemary and olive oil French bread, to $4 per loaf. Offensive. I read about the Perfect Bread Recipe on this site
and whipped out the fantastic bread maker my mother gave us a few years ago. A couple hours later and we had...crap. The recipe sucks (if you accidentally use 2 cups of white corn meal instead of whole wheat flour, and your only yeast is from 2005.)
It was so rock hard, so unrisen, so disappointing that I made another loaf immediately with newer yeast and the correct ingredients. Behold! Bread for pennies. Next time, I'll add the rosemary and olive oil and set the bread maker to the French setting. We'll save a ton of money using the machine, now that Pequita is in love with bread and butter slices. Set to the two pound loaf, it is bigger than Monito's torso.


Becca said...

Yum! A bread machine sounds like a good investment. Is it easy to use?

Homestead Mom said...

Totally easy. 2 minutes to get loaded with ingredients, and then you hit the ON button. A couple hours later, and much delicious smelliness through the house, and you have a huge loaf. If anyone eats sandwiches in your house, you will save money. Healthy bread costs in our town - as with everything, the cheap unhealthy stuff is very affordable. I totally recommend having MIL or mom get you one for Christmas! :)