Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Myth of Fingerprints

The adoption paralegal just called.  The twit police officer who took my fingerprints a few weeks ago did it poorly, and they were smudged.  The state adoption office has rejected them.  Bastards, all.  I now have to go pay to do it again, and wait until next Wednesday to get it done.  I'll be getting a letter from my lawyer's office about the crappy first version, and trying to get around the fee again. 

The delays seem interminable.  If I weren't in such a fabulous state of mind, I'd think that the state was dragging its heels.  It is hard to know which public employee is the gem and which is the imbecile who scored less than 70% on their civil service exam and sucks at their job.  And votes Christian Right, and saw that we are both women.  Not that all Christian Right voters are idiots; clearly not, since this country is in the quagmire at home and abroad that Bush has led us into. 

Now I'm grumpy.


Kim said...

I know this whole process is irritatingly difficult, but remember that the fingerprints are actually kind of hard to get right. if you press too hard or not hard enough you can't use them. I had to have mine done for my job and it was electronic, and it took literally 20 minutes of scanning each finger before they got a good "read" on them all. My point: you are not alone in the fingerprint frustration.

I think beer helps... hint hint

Shawna said...

We have been in this process for over a year now and just the other day we found out that our attorney's office gave us the wrong court date and we missed it!!

Now we're on for March 14th and with any luck at all...we'll all be there for the hearing!!

Shawna said...


I actually looked all over for your email address and all I have is your work one.

I have some questions to ask about your Phil and Ted's stroller!

If you get a chance can you pop me an email?