Sunday, July 5, 2009

Walnut Grove

With ten acres of mature plantings, we have many spots on the property that are already gorgeous. Walnut Grove is a grouping of black walnut trees on the edge of the western side of the yard that borders the huge meadow that makes up the bulk of our property. The sun sets through the grotto of trees, and the shade is delightful in the sunny afternoons. We chose this place, the portal from the mowed yard to the wild meadow, for our pet cemetery and there are many slabs of slate harvested from our property laying flush to the ground over our beloved dogs, cats and birds that have died. Homestead Mama saved several of them in the freezer for years in order to bury them on land she owned. I found it odd and a bit charming to have to go fetch a bag of frozen peas from the same freezer as her parrots when I first met her.

After a month of rain, the two whole days of sun have really gone to our heads. We spent almost every waking moment outside. Yesterday was spent on errands, yard work and sewing for me. Today the day started with the kids sleeping in until 8:3O, a gift not to be overlooked! We had a lovely morning picnic in the park with friends & other toddlers. Playground, river walking and crayfish discovering, mulberry picking and eating, and lots of laughter. After naps today, the kids and I packed a basket of snacks and hiked across the yard, and I hung up a hammock in Walnut Grove. I had to bone up on my bowline knots but got everything hung safely. The kids and I then frolicked in the new hammock while H-Mama finished mowing the yard. They loved it. The decorative mosquito netting that we've played with inside also was hung under a tree near the hammock, and it is now a perfect little outdoor room; I tied it up so H-Mama could mow underneath it. I love our yard more and more each week. The kids can enjoy toys and activities in each corner of it. They are grooving on each other all the time now, carrying on dialogs, translating for each other, telling each other made up stories that we can barely follow but that they earnestly track, nodding and interjecting when they have something to add. It is a new experience to have them carry on a whole discussion without parental involvement. I find it very poignant, and know that the amazement will fade soon; I want to lock it into my memory.

I really hope we can get a chicken coop up by fall and add some chickens to our family. I am enamored with the idea of the chicken moat that I found linked to on Gardening Without Skills. Love it - protects the chickens from the dogs, and makes use of the design and fence we already have to put in for the garden.

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Becca said...

What a beautiful place! I can see why you love it.