Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ding! Ding! Round 3!

LH test at the REs office proves that I ovulated today; transfer is next Tuesday. Can't help but think that I'll save a ton of money on embryo storage fees if I transfer 3 blasts instead of 2. Possibly the wrong motivation, but that's kind of how detached I am this cycle. It was supposed to be a medicated cycle but, um, I couldn't fully wean my son and daughter. Whoops.

This will be great - by the time I either get two blue lines or bleed I'll be thoroughly on vacation. Maybe the distraction will help - the beach on Martha's Vineyard is always rejuvenating for me. Oops - was that negative thinking? Maybe I should focus on the bright side possibility of having morning sickness while on vacation with my entire extended family in cabins around me with no internet. I didn't have morning sickness last time, and can't remember when it kicks in. Regardless, I won't notice it while riding high on my laurels after beating my family at Euchre, 500, Oh Hell and whatever other card game they dish up. I can't wait! Grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, childless-so-far cousins: it is my goal to hold my kids as little as possible for the duration. I yearn to miss them a little during the days. Nights are taken care of, as Monito just learned what spooning is, and now backs up to me as he falls asleep fitting himself into the space of me and sighing happily. Two at this (st)age is draining, but I LOVE being a mom.

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Alison Williams said...

Good luck! I have everything crossed for you. I'm with you -- transfer 3.