Monday, July 27, 2009

No Comments Necessary

(insert F-bomb here)

I have my cell phone back after 2 days of drying it out. Monito tried to wash the chocolate ice cream he smeared on it off in the pool. Yeah, I've felt a little cut off.

I'd have posted an update sooner, but you know, no phone, 2 negative home pg tests in the days preceding my scheduled blood test and my PERIOD, well, I've been busy. Luckily the island has been a huge balm to all our souls, as it usually is.

Then today I was feeling so badly I passed up the sunny beach - ! - for the hammock and tea. And, after a bit of mulling, a third pg test, which the pimply faced boy at the grocery store was so embarrassed by he popped into a brown paper bag when I bought it. And it is definitely positive, 11dp5dt or 18dpo. And I've been spotting for almost a week and bleeding with bad cramps for 2 or 3 days. And - ah, hell, this will remain inconclusive until I arrange for blood draw orders to be faxed here and get a real beta test tomorrow. Let me just say that it took a huge leap of faith to post this at all, since this is the time when no one knows what to say. There really isn't anything to say except geez, Homestead Mom, I hope your now stabbing abdominal cramps pass soon, and all the ibuprofen and medicinal G&Ts you've consumed to ease the sting of BFNs end up not having a negative effect on anything, um, important.

More later, unless my phone totally tanks.


kimmie said...

Couple of things:

- turn off your phone, remove the battery, and put the whole thing in a bag of rice overnight. This worked for me last week when my phone popped into that bucket of water. It draws out the excess water. Oh and remove memory card if you have one.

- i'll send your ute some extra loving vibes. inconclusiveness = better than BFN!!!

- come home soon.

Deborah said...

And don't use a hair dryer on it! I learned the hard way. Your phone can dry out -- the heat on a hair dryer will fry the circuit boards.

Hey, cramps are GOOD. Spotting is GREAT! And a + 16dpo (11dp5dt would be 16dpo, not 18) is FANTASTIC. FXFXFX. (more than I ever saw with my three transfers using DE.) Here's to No. 3.