Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Night

We arrived earlier than expected on the island, having scored an early standby spot on a ferry. Swimming in the wading pool on the porch, ice cream, bedtime stories on front porch read by grandma (happy joy), bloody noses; aaaaah, vacation has begun.

Homestead Mama and I are lying on the massive, spacious king-sized bed waiting for them to fall asleep in their pack'n'plays and seriously discussing selling our queen bed, the year-old fab eco-comfy organic wool/ latex mattress and trading it in for a king-sized one. By that I mean forking over gobs of money again to get more space. We are currently crowded with 4 people in our bed and have no intention of ending the modified cosleeping system we have. We'll see. It is enticing to imagine that Mr 100th percentile won't have to share my pillow, and Ms. Roundhouse Kicker will not have me as a target anymore.


aws said...

Do yourself and your whole family a favor: buy a king mattress! We all slept on a full sized bed up until a year ago when we bit the bullet and plunked down unholy amounts of money to get a king sized bed, and it has been worth every single penny. I will never, ever, own a bed smaller than a king sized again. Ever.

Enjoy your vacation!

tiffanie said...

I love my king sized bed so much! Sometimes IT even feels small.

Anonymous said...

King size is MUST. That's it! Consider it a mental and physical health investment. The more restful sleep for everyone (you, tikes and partner) all around makes it worth it by day 1!

Deborah said...

I agree! I've had a king for YEARS and will never give it up. And even now that it's just my DD and I, I still love it. She sometimes crawls into bed with me and if she doesn't wake me, there's so much room, I never know until morning. Heavenly. You will wonder why you didn't do it years ago.