Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Visit From Coxsackie

The kids got to bed really late tonight which is unfortunate because they have their first ever day of camp tomorrow. Or I hope they do - they have been suffering from the Hand, Foot and Mouth virus over the past week; worst is the canker sores on their lips and tongues. These caused much crying when they tried to eat or nurse. Lots of sleep disruption as well, with late-night application of Oragel to quell the screaming.

I haven't heard back from the woman who runs the program a bout them attending, but their doc said they are only viral for 3 days so they should be in the clear.

They are doing really well sleeping together except for an annoying compulsion on Pequita's part to bite her brother once he is drowsy or asleep. This behavior brings much joy to all as you might imagine. She did it again tonight and after calming him down I hauled her out of bed by her foot, assured Monito that I'd be right back and unceremoniously plunked her down on the desk in the office and glared in her eyes. I asked in a dangerously low voice WHY in heavens name does she bite her sleeping brother?!? Her barely audible answer was, "Bubba wake up have FUN". Ahhhh. That clears up that mystery.

Having just redecorated on Friday and Saturday, I put her to bed in our nursery's new version of solitary confinement, the stack of two crib mattresses in the corner that is the 'love seat' upon which to sit and read. It is much harder than the cozy double futon upon which her brother now slumbered alone, something she was quick to point out. I wholeheartedly agreed and commiserated but left her there. She was asleep in 10 minutes.

Now I just have to pack their little bags for camp and try not to cry. Yes, I'll be elated and feel free if it works out and I actually leave them both in the shadow of the yurt and teaching garden tomorrow. BUT. Monito has never been left with anyone ever. Pequita, at least, had playgroup once a week without me for several months last year. I am having pangs, people. I hope to finish prep work for the patio bulldozing tomorrow and maybe dig another row of post holes. As of Tuesday morning I'll be relaxing physically if not mentally while I try not to forcibly expel the 3 recently thawed embryos out of my nether regions by digging up boulders and sinking posts in my garden. How annoying to have to stop mid-fence like this. Back to my knitting I guess. Much more lady like and genteel.

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