Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Alone

I was [am] a creative woman. I yearn to have time to do any of the many pursuits I used to easily fit into my life, sewing, knitting, stained glass making, gardening, woodworking. I have largely reconciled the fact that I am investing my creative time into my kids, and mostly I am ok with that. I have huge notebooks of ideas and inspirations that I add to daily to refer back to when I have time to invest. It is a difficult balance.

Homestead Mama took the kids out for breakfast Saturday morning. I managed to transform a couple yards of fabric picked out by the kids into special pillow cases for them. Each has a little pocket with a toy tucked into it. They immediately squashed their pillows into the doll strollers and paraded them through the house, which is the equilvalent of high praise. I am not happy with the local fabric choices for Monito, who only wants trucks. I'll like make him another version with construction vehicles in a colorway that I enjoy as soon as I can find the website I saw it at...

I also found a house frame - no idea what one is supposed to put in it - at the thrift store. It was a dark brown stain, and it mounts on the wall. I painted it white, decoupaged some patterned paper on the back of it and gave it to the kids. I showed them their peg people and they quickly set to work trotting the wee folk up and down the stairs and bringing to life many dramas together. I'll mount it on the wall somewhere they need a distraction activity soon. Right now it is on the kitchen island. Huge success!

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Alison Williams said...

Delightful! I am most impressed.