Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Thee Wed

After 9 years together, it was still a thrill. We went to dinner at the brew pub down the block for steamed garlic mussels and calimari. I saved all the mussel shells and will make a wreath out of them because I tend towards the goofy & sentimental.

We married at 5:30 pm on the porch overlooking the ocean, park and gazebo. We were surrounded by cans of fresh zinnias from the roadside farm up the road, out of which I had also made our bouquets for us and the kids. They acted as ringbearers which was a bit like the keystone cops there for a bit until they settled down and actually delivered them to us. We added a few vows of our own to the justice of the peace's regular ceremony and it was moving and really lovely. The neighbors on both sides cheered and clapped when we kissed, then came over to take pictures of our whole group. It was just us and our kids, my parents and the officiant

We toasted with champagne and headed off for a ride on the Flying Horses antique carousel, the kids' favorite part. Lobster and Perrier Jouet after the kids go to sleep.


kimmie said...

YAY!!! I was SO thinking about you all evening, and kept saying to people (i.e. our softball team), "Margie and Nora got married tonight!!!" Much love to you all, to whom I adoringly refer as my "Ithaca Family". <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...


Much love,

P.S. I unfortunately won't see you at the family re-union, but I think Jacob will be there. And awesome pic.

Becca said...

So wonderful! Congratulations. I was thinking about you guys.

aws said...

Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you two!

Deborah said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful.