Friday, July 17, 2009

I've Been Needing a Break

This night has flown by! I've awakened enough to register that the boy is still in his own room and relish all the space I have to roll over. But now it is 4 am and I've awakened with a start (and engorged boobs) to find that Monito is STILL in his own room. He's missed his 10 pm nursing wake up. He slept through his 1 am request for 'nye nye peese, Mommy' which has been denied for weeks, but hey, old habits die hard. I've had quite possibly the best nights sleep in months and then my internal clock wakes me instead of HIS internal clock waking me and I am up. Phooey. Then I start thinking that he must have smothered on his nice new fire truck pillow or been abducted by aliens who needed a torture device and decided to go with the model that causes sleep deprivation. I have to go check. He is still breathing, curled up alone in the middle of the big double futon, his sister having joined us on H-Mama's side of our cramped (its the new cozy!) queen sized bed hours ago.

Crap. Now I'm awake. There is no justice.

Pitter pattering is heard. Apparently, my touching several parts of his body to make sure he was still warm enough to be alive disturbed him. (Hey, the first few places were very cool to the touch.) So now I have company, and we are back to the regularly scheduled program. At least my boobs are happy. If I have to be awake at 4am, at least I get to snuggle up to the cutest boy ever.
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Becca said...

I know that feeling well. I have awakened my sleeping children many times by making sure they are still alive.