Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wonders (Never Ceasing)

Looks like we are still in the game for another quarter. Its not like Larry Bird has joined the team, and we are still trailing in points but someone is still cheering. Today's beta was 124.7, or 174.2, I forgot which moments after the nurse hung up. She was pleased, though, with the numbers. Despite the obvious late implantation, week of spotting/ bleeding, and cramps that bound me to the hammock, the doubling time is reasonable at at least 1.58 days. Likeliest story is that more than one embryo implanted, and at least one miscarried and at least one is still growing.

We are leaving the Vineyard tomorrow for my parents house near Boston, then taking 2 days to drive down to Asheville, NC for the last week of our vacation. My extended family will be joining us from OK, CA, and NC and I am keen to get to know them all again. I'll find a place close to our river front cabins to keep getting my blood levels monitored. *If* this ends up being viable, what a pregnancy story we'll have to tell the kid. If it doesn't last, then it will be yet another sad skeleton to add to our family-building attempts closet. For the meantime, weaning is on hold and Monito, particularly, is ecstatic. I really dislike the early pregnancy rollercoaster, but I'd rather be riding it than not.


Becca said...

Encouraging news! Fingers crossed!

aws said...

I'll be rooting for you and that little embryo. Go little one, go!

Alison Williams said...

I'm keeping everything crossed for you!