Friday, May 1, 2009

Urban Living

We spent 7 hours downtown yesterday in the stroller whilst the Volvo got new brakes. Quite the shift from weeks at home. Monito timed out of every place we went, causing us to leave quickly due to misbehavior; this caused him to scream. Leaving each place she was so calmly enjoying - the diner, the kid consignment store, the food coop play area, the coffee house, the playground - because of her brother's naughtiness caused Pequita to scream and cry. We made quite the picture of familial bliss about town. I can tell who has children by who smiled at me empathetically and who sneered at my loud snot-covered family.

I totally take credit for the fact that my kids nap at the same time every day, whether at home, in the car, or in the stroller. I chalk this up to the fact that I feel a special sort of panic when one is rested and the other isn't. It is virtually impossible for an afternoon and evening to go well with uneven naps. Co-napping is a manufactured occurrence that is based on a proprietary blend of white noise, nursing, pacifiers, pretzels, singing, threats, very close observation and timing. I would totally medal in a synchronized sleeping event if one existed.


Becca said...

I wish I had the address of the kind woman who smiled knowingly at me while I carried a screaming, snot-covered Charlie out of the grocery store sideways. I'd send her flowers.

Two kids napping at once is genious. I think I unconsiously fostered that in Wesley, because I've never known an infant to take one nap from 12-2 just like a toddler. Hmm.

Alison Williams said...

I do wonder what people think of me when I yell, "No! You do NOT bite Mummy!" and dump Foxy firmly on the ground and practically run away from him, it makes me so furious. And then I'm really only satisfied if he cries... Anyone who thinks that boys are only different because of environment is smoking crack!