Saturday, May 30, 2009


Some days I feel the absence of my parents more acutely than others. They live 6 hours away and have full lives in the Boston suburbs. I caught Monito busting out of the house this morning. When asked, he said he was going out to the Zooma car to go visit Grandpa. Then he cried when I told him Grandpa lived too far away to visit today. Yeah, the crying could have been just from being told no, but still. My parents are busy recording themselves singing some of my kids' favorite songs and stories on CDs so they can be played anytime the babes want a grandparent hit. Dad even scored an old CD player from his local freecycle so they can learn to play the CDs themselves.

Here they are bringing Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are to life as the dvd plays in the background.
Below, Monito is getting some special grandson attention. With the onset of their fear of 'horns', both kids developed a love of being in the middle; instinctively, they know it is safe.

They may move here, and if it happens it will be none too soon for my family.

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