Saturday, May 2, 2009

Emotional Project

I am on day 3 of this bad cold, the kids are on day 1.5 or so; H-Mama
hasn't gotten it yet. Sometimes she misses these things entirely, but
usually we eventually drag her down into the bacteria soup in which we
stay-at-homes wallow.

Last night we found out she got a good raise, and through odd events
in upper-upper management, a good shot at a promotion into her bosses
job right in her current office. The tidy part of my brain would like
to point out that her raise more than pays for our new monthly life
insurance bill, which is lovely. So we celebrated with a nice pasta in
homemade red sauce with meatballs from the freezer, a bottle of
Vaqueyras and a rebellious bit of movie watching that had us up until
almost 1 am. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Pequita woke up at 1:30 and was
hungry. I took her down stairs for some leftovers, and she wanted to
work on her new 'school work' books* I just bought her. For almost 2
hours. She and I didn't fall back to sleep until around 4:30. Monito
was up at his usual 7am, but deigned to watch Curious George on DVR
for over an hour while I lolled on the couch half comatose. I think he
really liked having me topless and in a stupor - play, nurse, play,
nurse, snuggle, repeat. I just woke up** from a 2 hour nap*** with
both kids still sleeping soundly alongside me to the faint melodious
and much maligned sound of the rider mower doing its thing under
H-Mama's guidance in our yard. Our nap gave her enough time to get the
spring tune-up done, filters cleaned out, gas changed, tires pumped up
and ready for action. Spring always comes too fast to get the mower
ready before it is time for the first mow - this year, that day was
today and she's getting it done. I am so pleased! I love a tidy yard
and I'd like to point out how much easier it is to scoop poop from
short grass. 'Nuff said.

*Pre-K workbooks I saw at the bookstore when I wasn't finding any
gay-themed books. They are full of simple picture matching, rhyming
words, and letter/ number activities, with some sticker fun thrown in.
She absolutely loves them. I didn't really know how ready she was for
workbooks! Aside from crippling exhaustion, I really enjoyed spending
some quiet time alone with her.

**have I mentioned that I love my smart phone with unlimited internet?
I blog mostly from it in stolen moments.

***Pequita woke up as usual after the first hour snuffling for the
boob like a truffle-trained pig. As she latched on I patted her
lovingly on the butt only to realize that we let her come to nap on
our bed in panties, not a diaper. She is only mildly potty-trained,
and sleep is not a controlled time. I yanked her out of bed, had a
pull-up on her and was back to nursing in bed before she could even
work up a proper cry.

Update of the post that won't end: we are now cresting the third hour
of nap; it is 3:45. Pequita just awoke, nursed for a few minutes on
each boob and sat straight up asking for Mama. I pointed to my ear and
then the backyard and waited or her response. (We've been working on
the senses, and when the kids hear something now they touch their ear
and name it. When they see something they usually say 'I 'py' because
we play the I Spy game constantly). Pequita listened, put together all
the info in her brain and said "Mama mow-mow eh yahd! My-ah mow-mow
too!". (My-ah fills in for me, mine, and I for both kids. 'Eh'
represents most prepositions, like in, on, and, etc.). So I got her
shoes on, showed her H-Mama out the back window and sent my big girl
downstairs to let herself out of the house to mow with her beloved
Mama. I watched, smiling, from the window seat in the master bedroom
as she strode across the yard and positioned her tiny body in the path
of the mower, as H-Mama stopped the machine and got the extra ear
protection for Pequita, and as they got back on together. I am back in
bed alongside still-sleeping Monito. It is highly unusual for him to
sleep the night really well and then sleep for 3 hours and 15 minutes
(and counting) during his nap. He is sick, but maybe he's got his own
little emotional project brewing.

If / when he wakes up, we'll go down and plant stage 3 of Project
Privacy, another 3 3' high holly shrubs I bought at the garden store
to continue to fill in our hedge along the busier road. I can't wait
until they are 6' tall.

Final update: he woke after 3.5 hours. A new record.

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