Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Already With the Complaining

We fetched the new car this morning. It is a lovely thing. I am most excited about the air conditioning, since both kids have decided that they hate wind now and my old 18 year old Volvo is hot and stuffy even with the windows down. Homestead Mama's favorite thing is the Fabric Coverage Plan. She is still cackling about them selling it to us with TWO TODDLERS right there with us in the showroom. All I can think is that I had used bibs for breakfast and they looked angelic and clean. For the seemingly low price of $300, for the next 5 years they'll come to our house and try to remove the stain every time Monito unscrews his sippy full of cranberry juice and dumps it down the back of the drivers seat in a fit if pique that Mommy won't stop at the ice cream stand. Or let's envision Pequita leaving some crayons on the seat as we park in the direct sun. Or say I have an uncharacteristically clumsy moment and slosh my coffee as I drive, drink coffee and answer a text on my phone while simultaneously fishing Monito's excavator off the floor of the car. If these Elves of house-call cleaning can't return our upholstery to like-new condition, we take it back to the dealer for a new seat cover or carpet. I'm actually a little excited about this too. I did bring up the MSDS and toxicity and potential off gassing of chemicals used to treat the stains to a crowd of black stares. Homestead Mama was undeterred as well. Spotless car, here we come. I do have fantasies of waiting 4.9 years and then calling them in, but we'll see how much I want to work the system.
I must say I HATE HATE HATE the big key. I love a low profile keyring; part of it is that I don't like a big bulge in my pants pocket, but the other part? If I lose it [which I always do] I have to pay $300 for a new one. I usually just make a handful of nice streamlined copy keys and leave one in the car, one I send to my mom - she always keeps my keys - and a pile in the house. This prima donna car won't start without the chip inside the bulky black housing; my nice cheap copy keys will get me in the door but won't start the engine. This really chaps my hide.
This picture is of the offending key was taken against the crumpled paper table cover at my REs office upon which I had just scooted up my naked butt and gotten the ultrasound wand treatment to check out my innards. I had a little extra time between the nurse drawing blood, the other nurse giving me the ultrasound, the insurance specialist coming in to go over my coverage, and the doc coming in at the end to give me a hug, say welcome back and let me coo about the existing babies. All is in order for a cycle of unmedicated FET whenever I want. I say bring it on.


Becca said...

The key thing is annoying, isn't it? But it's worth it. Ryan and I drove one of those on Monday and it was love. Such a great combination of fuel economy, space, and sliding doors.

Alison Williams said...

Bring it on indeed! That's so exciting! Holding thumbs for you...and wondering how many gum balls you're contemplating?

Anonymous said...

The key thing IS annoying, but look at it this way: it makes it harder for your car to be stolen. Electronic ignition would have saved my dad's car from being stolen.

Homestead Mom said...

Becca, the only drawback that I can see so far is that the P&T stroller doesn't fit in the tiny back end with the seats up. I just lay down one seat to give it room. I say BUY ONE!

Anon, our salesman was sub par. He listened to me complain about the behemoth key and didn't mention the theft protection; that def would have assuaged my annoyance a hair.

Ali, the doc thinks 2 per try. My odds of success are 1O% with FET cycle. We'll see. Thankfully I insisted that the blasts be frozen in ones and twos.