Sunday, May 24, 2009


It was a super day to turn 40. Mostly sunny, warm, busy, full of activities and fun. We went out to my favorite breakfast place, at which the kids kept right up with us and ate guacamole & cheddar omelet, fruit crepes, and garlic toast with melted gruyere. I LOVE how they eat. Pequita disappeared after the meal and I found her here, having pulled up a chair next to the live entertainment. The pianist was letting her accompany him as she saw fit; she was having a ball. Then home for naps, yardwork and out to a barbecue where we got to socialize with friends, the kids got to experience some Lord of the Flies action in the sandbox while the parents were drinking sangria, and best of all I didn't have to host it or clean up after it.

Since it is a long weekend, we're having our friend's adorable 12 year old come over tomorrow morning. The kids love him, and he'll be helping us out however he wants, either weeding and planting or playing with the kids. If all goes well, the landscaper will be coming at the end of the week with BIG MACHINES to prepare a chunk of our yard for a deck/terrace outside of where our new French doors will be installed later in the summer. To prepare for this, we have to move several plants to a safe location until after the work is done, then we'll re-landscape the area. They are going to do in one day what it would, realistically, take me a couple years to do. I cannot wait. I will post before and after pictures. There is still so much left to do on our house that it is hard to see how far we've come, but it is a warm, comfortable, funky farmhouse with lots of charm and a ton of individuality. If I could just purge the clutter. I'm actually seriously considering pulling an "HGTV" on a few of our rooms; emptying everything - but everything - out of a room, finishing anything that needs to be completed, like painting, baseboards, etc. and putting back in only what fits and works. It is appealing to think about. Turbo-purge.
The day ended with cake with my sweetie. I wanted the same cake my mom used to make for me every year, strawberry cheesecake. I always thought it was some yummy secret recipe. I've never made it for myself, but after doing so last night I found the exact recipe in the Joy of Cooking called Sour Cream Cheesecake. It was heavenly, and made me feel like I was seven again [in the good way]. Home made from the graham cracker crust up to the layer of sweetened sour cream baked on the top, I may make it for myself every year forever. The rhubarb next to it will become other delicious things in the next few days, like upside down strawberry rhubarb cake, rhubarb sauce for ice cream or pancakes, pie and shortcake. Admit it, you wished you lived closer, right?

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Becca said...

Happy birthday!! It does sound like a spectacularly nice day. And your cake looks yummy. I do wish I lived closer! Maybe I'll have to make a cheesecake tonight.