Saturday, May 23, 2009

Advanced Computing

After playing on the library computers, and being shown this site Pequita is keenly excited about doing some computer work. Does anyone have a toddler keyboard /mouse and like it or hate it?

Also, anyone have good toddler computer sites to recommend?

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Anonymous said...

PBS kids is great and has a number of games appropriate for kids 2-8ish. If the PBS show is aimed toward the toddler set, the games on the computer are as well. We chose not to get a toddler mouse... our2 year old seems to manage fine with the grown up one and I really don't think he would be willing to use something different anyway...
FYI - I am moments away from delivery of my 3rd baby (also the 3rd boy.. yikes!). I got a lot of the same responses that you have experienced, but as far as I am concerned, unless the person is involved in raising the three children on a daily basis, they don't have much say. Additionally, I came to realize that most peoples reactions were similar to me saying that I was going to go to law school... they just couldn't imagine subjecting yourself to all that work. But, for me (and your family) it is worth the work for the rewards. It may not be a six figure salary, but it is incredibly fulfilling (even with the occasional barf, poop, mind numbing boredom and extreme frustratiom).
Mom of Spencer (5) Campbell (2), Bennett (to arrive any day) Seattle, WA