Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Equipment Malfunction

Monito's diaper fell off in a torrent of pee in the consignment store; they were in good spirits about it and dubbed him the baby who christened the new store location.  Mother's Helper Becca diapered him last. 

Pequita's diaper fell out of her shorts in the local discount store where we were buying a new food cooler to get our frozen pesto, fruit pies and assorted gourmet cheeses to our vacation destination.  Auntie Hottie Friend did that diaper. 

Remedial diapering classes start the day after our return from vacation. 


MSL said...

You didn't happen to change diaper brands recently did you? Two sets of tabs coming undone seems more than coincidence.

Kim said...

Yeah, blame the diaper! I know I had those tabs stuck on tightly, since Homestead Mama so "politely" instructed. :) However, I will gladly sign up for remedial diapering. Any excuse to see the babes!

Here's another theory- Pequita has learned how to undo the tabs and slyly uses this new skill while in her car seat. Then she helps bubba with his, because she is a kind big sister. :) xxxx

tiffanie said...

Last time Becca diapered Desmond, it was on BACKWARDS! I laughed so hard because it must have been so difficult to put that thing on!