Monday, July 7, 2008

Mother's Little Helper

I am blogging in the middle of the afternoon. Homestead Mama is home from work today due to a car repair snafu that makes me too irritated to get into. We got a loaner for her from the shop at noon, so it was pointless for her to go into work. She's doing useful work on the house - go, Mama! Our children are outside, with neither of us with them. How, you ask? I have secured a 14 year old mother's helper named Becca. She is completely open this summer, loves kids, and is highly recommended by our very good friend who has a 2 year old.

[Insert sigh of joy here.]

I came in from gettting them settled in the pool outside and realized that I could do anything at all for a couple hours. I lived out several fantasies in quick succession: I ate lunch sitting down, I went to the bathroom ALONE, I had a quick shower. I tried to get H-Mama upstairs for a little nookie, but she was both committed to finishing the work she was doing and also worried about the kids needing us since it is, after all, the first time they've met Becca. She was right, too - they all trooped in for a comforting nurse after about 15 minutes away from us. Then, recharged, they headed back out to play on the swings.

I think I'm going to hire her to come two or three afternoons a week, and I'll do some painting, some kitchen organizing & settling, some sewing, baking, sleeping, etc.

Sadly, she is out of town this Thursday when I go in for my physical, so I may be explaining speculum to Pequita. I wonder if there's an ASL sign for that? (I just checked; no.) I guess I'll just have to wait and see what sign she makes up to go along with the action. She already can do a cute little pantomime about what to do with a tampon. Drat that lack of bathroom privacy with toddlers.


Becca said...

A mothers' helper! Awesome! Sounds like a nice setup.

Anonymous said...

You certainly deserve a mother's helper once in a while! Hope that shower felt wonderful.
I am wondering how your doctor's apt. went? I just laughed until I cried when I read about the going to the girl parts doctor item. It was just too funny for words. It reminded me the time I had gone for my gyn apt. for one of you and this woman came in in a rush with two little boys about 2 and 4 years old and said to the three on us in the waiting room. You will watch them for me while I have my apt., won't you? She was at least 6 or 7 month s pregnant. "You're all in training right? " So she was called after settling the boys with toys and be good instructions. Naturally the minute she was out of sight they decided to wrestle and fight over the toys. So being a trained teacher and used to kids, and the other women totally ignoring the boys, I stepped in and got them trading cars for 3 minutes etc. She came out later and was so appreciated the help. I wished her a nice quiet baby girl next. Later I learned that she was a wife of another graduate student Bern Bayer, a friend of dad's. We went to a party and in she came. We had a nice friendship after that.
She had another acilve little boy for her third.